The Superior Group

Quality Control Solutions

Quality Control Solutions

The Superior Group, Inc. of Puerto Rico

P.O. Box 10041 Caparra Heights, P.R. 00922         1213 - 6th N.E., Puerto Nuevo, P.R. 00920
phone: 787.783.8960         fax: 787.793.0342
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Quality Control Solutions

Quality Control Solutions

  • force gauges

    • Chatillon Ametek
      Mechanical Force Gauges, Digital Force Gauges - Integral Loadcells, Digital Force Gauges - Dedicated SLC Load Sensors, Digital Force Gauges - Interchangeable Sensors, Remote Sensors for DFS-R-ND Series
    • Mark-10 Force Guages
      All Mark-10 force gauges are able to capture the peak force in both tension and compression and have selectable units of measurement. Force gauge capacities are available from 50 g full scale to 1,000 lb, the broadest range in the industry.
  • plug gages

    • Deltronic
      National Institute of Standards and Technology Calibrated Masters Certification of accuracy and traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology is included with every Deltronic gaging product.
  • thread gages

    • Alameda Deltronic
      Certification guaranteeing Class X accuracy and Traceability to the National Bureau of Standards is included in all Alameda thread plug gages. The actual Calibrated Pitch Diameter is also supplied with each gage. Tolerance conforms to H-28 Federal Screw Thread Standards for Class X gages in every respect.
    • Kennametal IPG Thread Gages
      Kennametal IPG gages are made of selected graphitic steel, ground and accurately lapped and meticulously inspected in every thread element.
  • torque gauges

    • Tohnichi
      Digital Torque Driver Tester, Digital Torque Wrench Tester - DOTE2, Torque Wrench Tester, Motor Drive Torque Wrench Tester, Fully-Automatic Digital Torque Wrench Tester, Line Checker, Spin Torque, Torque Calibrator & Controller,
    • Mark-10 Torque Gauges
      All gauges capture the peak torque in both directions (CW and CCW) and have selectable units of measurement. Capacities are available from 10 ozin full scale to 5,000 lbin, depending on model.
  • hardness testers

    • Newage Testing Instruments
      Rockwell Hardness Testers, Brinell Hardness Testers, Microhardness Testers, Durometers, Blocks, Indenters, Anvils, Proficiency Testing
  • parts inspection vision systems

    • Ram Optical Instrumentation
      Visual Inspection systems from RAM Optical Instrumentation provide an array of benefits for different measurement applications. Add high-res video inspection to any CMM.
  • precision tools

    • Brown & Sharpe
      Block/ Ball/ Parallel Sets, bore gages, calipers, Dial Indicators, Dial Snap Gages, Edge Finders, Height Gages, Hole Gages, micrometers, Sine Bar Riser Kits, Square & Rule Sets,
    • F.V. Fowler
      precision hand tools, height measuring, bore gage systems, calibration instruments, optical measuring, level systems, roughness testers, horizontal measuring, hardness testers, tooling presetters, software programs, interfaces collectors, cmm probes bodies & styli, measuring systems
    • Mitutoyo
      micrometers, micrometer heads, bore gages, calipers, height gages, depth gages, gage blocks, reference gages, linear gages, laser scan micrometers, digital scale and DRO systems, form measurement, coordinate measuring, optical measuring, vision measuring
    • Starrett
      The broad Starrett precision tools product line includes micrometers, calipers, rules, electronic gages, dial indicators, gage blocks, granite surface plates, vises, and precision ground flat stock. Many Starrett hand measuring tools and precision instruments are the only remaining U.S.A.-made products of their type.
The Superior Group, Inc., located in San Juan, Puerto Rico is a major distributor of the highest quality machine tool and production tooling equipment. Supply, service and repair, our territory covers the whole of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and many other Caribbean countries. We represent numerous manufacturers of metal working machinery, quality control instruments, commercial and industrial storage systems and production tooling equipment. From San Juan to Trinidad, we have the solutions for you.