The Superior Group

Production Tooling Solutions

Production Tooling Solutions
Kennametal IPG
System3R EDM tooling

The Superior Group, Inc. of Puerto Rico

P.O. Box 10041 Caparra Heights, P.R. 00922         1213 - 6th N.E., Puerto Nuevo, P.R. 00920
phone: 787.783.8960         fax: 787.793.0342
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Production Tooling Equipment

Production Tooling Equipment

  • coolant

  • drills, mills, taps, dies

    • Kennametal IPG
      Drills: General Purpose Drills, High Performance Drills, Carbide Drills, Subland Drills, Core Drills, Coolant Hole Drills, Tool Sets, Tool Bits,Cutoff Blade; Mills: Cobalt, Carbide, Coated and Roughing End Mills, Holders and Adapters, Milling Cutters, Counterbores and Sets, Special Purpose Cutters; Taps: EM Series High Performance Taps for exotic materials, SUPERTAP (R) for steels, irons, brass, bronze or hard plastic, GUN (R) Taps for through holes, Spiral Fluted Taps for blind holes, TRU-LEDE (R) Thread Forming Taps, Carbide Taps for Cast Irons, General Purpose Hand Taps, Specialty Hand Taps, Metric Offering, Pipe Taps, Maintenance Taps
    • OSG Drills, Mills, Taps and Dies
      Drills: EXOCARB®-MAX Carbide Drills, 10 times diameter and longer for deep hole drilling, JOBBERS - premium high speed drills, HYPRO CARB, countersinks, straight flute drills; Mills: ball end, corner radius, double(ball), double(square), rib cutter, router, sphere, tapered, square; Taps: Forming, Pipe, Spiral Flute, Spiral point, STI, Straight Flute, Thread Mill; Dies: Adjustable Split Round Dies in Inch Sizes, Adjustable Split Round Dies in Metric Sizes, Threading Dies
  • EDM tooling

    • System 3R
      spindle chucks, lathe chucks, rotating spindles, chuck adapters, table chucks, drawbars, electrode holders, pallets, user kits, accessories
  • tooling

    • Iscar
      The new MAXIN power chuck is designed for rough and finish milling applications where high torque transmission, maximum accuracy, compactness and easy operation are required.
  • carbide tools

  • die springs, guides, pins and bushings

    • Producto
      precision die and mold solutions
  • cutting tools

    • Regal Cutting Tools
      Wherever you find the metalworking need for drilling, reaming, tapping, milling and size verification, you will find Regal Cutting Tools, offering the industry's largest selection of high speed steel and carbide cutting tools.
The Superior Group, Inc., located in San Juan, Puerto Rico is a major distributor of the highest quality machine tool and production tooling equipment. Supply, service and repair, our territory covers the whole of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and many other Caribbean countries. We represent numerous manufacturers of metal working machinery, quality control instruments, commercial and industrial storage systems and production tooling equipment. From San Juan to Trinidad, we have the solutions for you.