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Machine Tool Solutions

Machine Tool Solutions

The Superior Group, Inc. of Puerto Rico

P.O. Box 10041 Caparra Heights, P.R. 00922         1213 - 6th N.E., Puerto Nuevo, P.R. 00920
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Metalworks Machinery

Metalworks Machinery

  • knee mills; manual and automated

    • Hardinge Bridgeport Series 1 Manual Knee Mill
      The Series I Standard features an innovative airflow cooling design that uses no external fans to prolong bearing life and prevent expansion from heat build-up. Its hand-scraped ways and precision-ground ram and turret ensure long-lasting reliability and performance. A full range of accessories are available, including optional chrome-plated ways and gibs to ensure that the machine will last a lifetime.
    • Hardinge Bridgeport EZ Vision Automated CNC MIll
      EZ Vision is a 2 or 3 axis control that comes factory-fit (not retrofit) with power feeds on the Series I Standard Mill. The control is easier to operate than a conventional CNC, and far more productive than manual machining. The 2D contouring capability lets you machine angles and radii without a rotary table. It offers tremendous time-savings on repetitive work like bolt hole circles. Batches, and "one-off" jobs go faster and setup time on repeat batches is greatly reduced. A 3rd axis option is available to further enhance the machine's productivity.
  • lathes; CNC, geared-head, manual, precision

    • Clausing-Colchester Geared-Head Lathes
      The standard of the industry, Clausing-Colchester Geared Head Lathes offer exceptional performance and quality at a very attractive price. 13" and 15" swing models are offered with center distances of 24" to 50".
    • Hardinge HLV Manual Toolroom Lathe
      The HLV features an inch and metric gearbox for precise, single-point thread cutting. Its dovetail design of the hand-scraped, full-bearing carriage and the bedways provides maximum tool rigidity for optimum accuracy. Independent, variable electric feeds permit multiple operations and on-the-spot rate changes with no waste of production time.
    • Hardinge Elite Precision Lathes
      Hardinge sets a new standard with ELITE Series performance CNC Lathes. The ELITE 42 has the best combination of standard features you'll find in a compact, precision machine. This machine delivers the predictability you need to be more productive and profitable.
    • Hardinge Talent 8/52 CNC Lathe
      The TALENT 8/52 features a 15-hp (11-kW) spindle drive (with Fanuc Control) and includes a 3-jaw power chuck as standard equipment. This machine has an A2-6 spindle with 2.05" (52mm) through draw tube capacity and a maximum spindle speed of 5,000 rpm. TALENT 8/52 machines that are equipped with the Siemens 810D control option feature a 17.4-hp (13-kW spindle drive).
  • mills and turning centers

    • MAG Cincinnati Fixed Table Vertical Machining Center
      MAG Cincinnati's new range of Fixed Table Vertical machining centers integrate production capacity and speed with operational flexibility – as a machine standard. Our FTV machining centers incorporate a traveling column that contains all axis motions, allowing in cycle pendulum loading to reduce load/unload times and maximize spindle utilization.
    • MAG Cincinnati Horizontal Machining Centers and Cells
      MAG Cincinnati's revolutionary HPC-800HP MEGA Series horizontal machining center is a true performance machine. Setting new standards in speed, accuracy, and stiffness, this value-priced champion is a combination of best-in-class performance benchmarks. MEGA Series machines can be configured to meet your specific needs, offering optimum machine performance with a variety of spindle, tool changer, chip handling, control and pallet options.
  • automated machine controls

    • Honeywell Wintriss Process Solutions
      Honeywell Wintriss Controls is the leading manufacturer of press automation, die protection, and safety controls for the metal stamping industry. These products, which leverage Wintriss’ extensive experience in the metal stamping industry, are known for their proven performance and rugged dependability in the toughest factory environments.
  • feeds; air feeds, servo feeds

    • Rapid-Air Air Feed
      An exclusive patented dual air valve system provides the correct clamping/feeding sequence essential in eliminating marring, buckling and distortion. One valve actuates the feed and stock clamp while the other actuates the slide block. As the valves operate in exact sequence, the material is always clamped before the slide block moves. This system allows Rapid-Air feeds to be controlled by an electric valve instead of a standard actuating valve, if desired
    • Servo Power Feed
      Get a smoother surface finish, higher accuracy and better repeatability. Reduce operator fatigue and increase your productivity, while you increase tool life. With SERVO Products' electronically controlled power feeds. Now, your class 1 manual mill can deliver semi-automated machining with superior speed regulation, ramping and dynamic braking. Plus Servo Products' power feeds feature an integral safety clutch and circuit breaker for overload protection.
  • manual tool and cutter grinders

    • K.O.Lee Tool and Cutter Grinders
      Quality comes first with us. Our grinders are known for their cast-iron construction throughout, which allows for high accuracies and excellent stability.
  • sheet metal equipment

    • Tennsmith Sheet Metal Equipment
      TENNSMITH is your market leader for metal fabricating machines. Our machines range from the traditional sheet metal tools to high capacity press brakes and shears. All TENNSMITH machines are proudly made in the U.S.A.
The Superior Group, Inc., located in San Juan, Puerto Rico is a major distributor of the highest quality machine tool and production tooling equipment. Supply, service and repair, our territory covers the whole of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and many other Caribbean countries. We represent numerous manufacturers of metal working machinery, quality control instruments, commercial and industrial storage systems and production tooling equipment. From San Juan to Trinidad, we have the solutions for you.